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What's your role with the GLA?

Director of Development


Where are you from?

Born in Manchester, England; then 14 years in Chicago, 6 years in Madison, 5 years in Dallas, 2 years in Canada, 9 years in Houston, and most recently, 2 years in Milwaukee.


Where did you go to college & what was your degree?

University of Chicago: B.A. Philosophy, M.B.A. Strategic Management and Business Policy

What secret skill(s) do you possess that you don't often use for your work with the GLA?

I'm an avid hiker, currently hiking the Ice Age Trail. I've also been attempting to climb the 50 State highpoints - having climbed 43 to date.


Where's your favorite spot around the Lake?

The view of the millpond from the GLA offices.


Why do you care about protecting Big Green? 

I swam in Walden Pond when I was younger and it was truly inspirational.  I believe that Green Lake similarly inspires all who experience it.

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