Duckweed Public Comments

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is currently accepting public comments regarding changes to codes NR 107 & NR 109 that regulate aquatic plant management. The current regulation restricts our ability to manage duckweed because it is a native plant. Do you support changes to the NR codes to give us more options to manage this native, but nuisance-causing plant?


Speak at an upcoming Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources public hearing or submit a written comment below to help us expand our ability to address the excess of duckweed in Big Green Lake. We'll compile all of the written comments and submit them as one community on behalf of our beloved lake.

For more information about the codes and upcoming meeting click here.


To attend or speak at the public hearing via Zoom on February 22, 2022 at 1:00 pm-2:00 pm click here!

Submit Your Public Comments
Do you support the WDNR changing regulations to give us more options to manage nuisance-causing duckweed?
Do you support the GLA's efforts to explore solutions to minimize duckweed in Green Lake?

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