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The 2021 Land & Lake Family Field Day was hosted by Lynne and Brad Goldsmith of Avalon Creek Farm, located at  W1774 County Road K. in Markesan, Wisconsin.

2021's Field Day welcomed community members to come together to talk about what we can all do to improve Big Green's water quality. By bringing together farmers and shoreline owners and watershed residents, the Green Lake Association demonstrated the importance of how conservation practices on the land positively impact our beloved lake, and how our agricultural neighbors are caring for the land in a way that cares for the lake.


Educational sessions focused on managed grazing, cover crops, soil conservation, and stream restoration. The day also offered kid's activities, in-field equipment demonstrations, a rainfall simulator, historic school house tours, and book sales. 

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Week #1

WEEK #1: Avalon Creek Farm 

Due to the pandemic, Land & Lake Family Field Day was presented in 2020 as a video series called "Fridays on the Farm." In an effort to highlight local farmers and their conservation practices, but maintain a safe distance, we aimed to educate a wider audience on best management practices through the videos below.

  • Week #1: Hear from Lynne Goldsmith and Dave Wilke about conservation practices happening at Avalon Creek Farm.

  • Week #2: Don't miss Chris Pollack of Pollack-Vu Dairy Farm!

  • Week #3: Get to know Mat & Danielle Boerson and explore beautiful Boerson Farm.

Week #2

WEEK #2: Pollack-Vu Dairy

The Pollack Family's focus on conservation practices made their farm a fantastic host for our 2018 Land & Lake Family Field Day and have also earned Chris the role of a farmer leader for the Upper Fox Wolf Demonstration Farms Network.

WEEK #3: Boerson Farm

Boerson Farm is a 69-acre diversified farm in rural Green Lake County. Mat and Danielle Boerson are committed to regenerative agriculture, the practice of building soil health and reducing dependence on outside inputs, such as commercial fertilizer and fossil fuel. Learn more about their farm.

Week #3
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