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What's your role with the GLA?



Where are you from?

Ripon, WI


Where did you go to college & what was your degree?

University of Notre Dame: B.B.A. Accounting

What secret skill(s) do you possess that you don't often use for your work with the GLA?

I am a private pilot.


Where's your favorite spot around the Lake? I enjoy bicycling around the lake when it is warm!

Why do you care about protecting Big Green? 

Being from nearby Ripon, our family often took trips to Green Lake, which so
much fun, and it was a fierce competition with my siblings when we were
traveling to shout out “I see Green Lake first”!

Now that I have my own family with two adult boys, we still treasure our time
in Green Lake. While it is easy to take the lake for granted since it has been
here so long, we also appreciate the need to care for it so it can be here for
future generations.

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