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Do you want to monitor Big Green and its tributaries, mingle with other members, help with event logistics or assist us in the office? Whatever your motivation or time availability, we are interested in the skills that you can share with us! Learn more about the different opportunities and sign up below


If you’re ready to wade into the waters of research, then consider being a citizen scientist! Whether you want to get your hands wet in a stream or monitor from a boat or the shore, we have an opportunity for you!

Lake Watchers Level 1:

We want to see what’s happening around Green Lake through the eyes of our community. See something unusual? Take a picture and email it to us. See a beautiful sunset? Send us a photo and we may use it for our social media or website! 

Lake Watchers Level 2:

Help us get a clearer picture on the lake’s water quality. Volunteers will take and record clarity measurements from a boat using a Secchi disk.


Throughout the year we need all hands on deck to ensure smooth sailing at our events. Whether you want a small role or a large one, consider becoming a GLA event volunteer. Are you a planner? Join the gala committee and help us organize our annual fundraiser. Don’t have as much time to devote? Help us with the heavy lifting during event set-up and take-down. Let us know your interests and we are happy to find the perfect role for you.

Gala Decoration/Day Of Team:

Help make decorations, set-up and assist at our biggest event of the year!

Gala Donation Team:

We need outgoing people willing to approach local businesses for donations and sponsorship opportunities.

Event Logistics Team:

Includes tasks like set-up, clean-up, booth operations and everything in between to help events run smoothly.


Not afraid to get your hands dirty? We need your enthusiasm and muscles to help us with various field projects. Sign up and we’ll let you know about tree plantings, stream bank restorations and other watershed projects throughout the year!

Clean Streams Team:

Help during stream restorations to plant trees, stabilize stream banks and other outdoor work. Your hands will be dirty but the stream will be clean!

Invader Defense Team:

Preventing invasive species is important to lake health. We’ll let you know how you can help with this vital task as events come up.


Rather enjoy the lake from inside? We have a place for you too! Our office is busy planning events that care for the lake. We need help stuffing envelopes, signing letters, database management and even grant writing.  Do you have other skills that you would like to share with the GLA? If yes, contact us! We can always use your help. Whatever your time availability, whether you like to work solo or with others, from home or at the office, we have the right fit for you!

Signed and Sealed Team:

Help us keep in touch with the Green Lake community by stuffing envelopes & signing letters.

Database Management:

If you have experience entering data and know your way around technology we can use your help!

Grant Writers:

Find, write, and review grant proposals and help our work stay funded!

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