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2023 Impact Report

2023 was a pivotal year for the GLA. More than ever before, we know where we should focus our efforts and how we can make measurable progress for our beloved lake.

We continue to learn more about our lake, reach more people in our

community, do more to safeguard Green Lake’s water quality—and we’re only just getting started.

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2021 Impact Report

Our Annual Report has been renamed our Impact Report, to emphasize the need for using our resources and efforts to have impact on the health of the lake and the watershed.

2021 was a year for ramping up our efforts and acting on behalf of Green Lake.This report highlights the many projects that took place including a stream restoration, public storm drain murals, agricultural initiatives and more!


2020 Annual Report

2020 revealed how much we rely on each other and the lake. No matter what is happening in our world, Green Lake continues to be a pillar of strength for our community, bringing us peace, inspiration, joy, and resolve.

Our 2020 Annual Report is a celebration of highlights from the past year, including our Shine A Light Celebration, Clean Boats Clean Waters program, and Dakin Creek stream restoration.

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2019 Annual Report

Every year the Green Lake Association works hard to carry out our mission of conserving Big Green Lake and its watershed, with all of our focus on protecting, improving, and ultimately restoring its water quality. Take a look at our impact in 2019.

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2022 Impact Report

2022 was a momentous year for the Green Lake Association. Together, with the voices of the community and support of our partners, we amplified our efforts to protect our watershed and lake, with a singular focus on its water quality.

We look forward to the year

ahead and the impact we will continue to make together for

Big Green Lake.


2021 Newsletter

While it is evident we need Green Lake, we must remember it also needs us. We must act now so that in the next seven decades, and beyond, our community can still enjoy and cherish our beautiful lake.


This year's newsletter showcases our initiatives throughout the watershed, plus highlights how the community can take action today to help us protect the lake we all love.


2020 Newsletter

Green Lake is surrounded with the love and care that will help see Big Green's water quality through to healthier times. Thank you to everyone who helped us in our mission of a clean Big Green, despite the challenges of 2020.

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2019 Newsletter

Learn more about the GLA, meet the team, and dive into our work on Dakin Creek—including a look back at the Norton family catching brook trout and an update on our stream restoration efforts.

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