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What's your role with the GLA?

Chief Executive Officer

Where are you from? Stanford, Kentucky

Where did you go to college & which degrees did you earn?

University of Wisconsin-Madison: M.S. Biological Systems Engineering

University of Kentucky: B.S. Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

What secret skill(s) do you possess that you don't often use for your work with the GLA?

Bringing southern charm to the Midwest.

Where's your favorite view around the Lake?

Lakeside picnics and wading parties with my family on warm Wisconsin summer days.

Why do you care about protecting Big Green? 

Caring for Green Lake is an extension of who I am. Our bodies are made mostly of water, so I believe there's something about being in its presence that reminds us of who we are and who we were and who we want to be. I am also proud to be an example for my daughter of what it means to leverage my time and abilities to protect our little corner of Planet Earth. And, with hard work and perseverance, Charlotte will eventually benefit from our collective efforts to protect the awe-inspiring resource that we all are so fortunate to be stewards of: Big Green.

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