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Thank you for using the boat wash station at Dodge Memorial Park. Please help us continue to guard Green Lake by answering the below questions: 


1. Is this your first time using this boat wash station?
2. Are you washing your boat/equipment before or after launching in the Lake?
3. Are you able to effectively clean your boat with the tools provided?
5. Watercraft type (check all that apply)
6. Are you aware you can transfer harmful plants and animals (called aquatic invasive species or AIS) from one water body to the next simply by "lake hopping” with your watercraft within a short period of time?
7. How long has your watercraft been out of the water? Aquatic Invasive Species can be transferred from one water body to the next for up to five days, a timeframe that represents the highest probability of a living AIS unknowingly hitching a ride on a boat or trailer.
9. Did you know Lake Winnebago recently discovered spiny water flea in their lake? This small species has a significant impact: once introduced to Madison’s Lake Mendota, for example, spiny water flea caused $80 million to $160 million in water quality damage.
11. What are your reasons for using the boat wash station?
12. Would you use the boat wash station again?
13. Did you have enough time to wash your boat with a single button press?
14. How did you find out about the boat wash station?

Boat wash station users are eligible to win a $500 cash prize. Each boat wash station use provides another chance to win. Please enter your contact information below so we can contact you if you win. If you wish to remain anonymous, you will not qualify for the prize.

Thanks for helping protect Green Lake!

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