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We will soon be accepting public comments on our updated Lake Management Plan  (also available as a word document) and Nine Key Elements Plan (word doc here). Both documents were written in collaboration with our partners to support our watershed initiatives to protect and improve Big Green Lake, including the Green Lake Sanitary District, Green Lake County, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, plus additional partners outlined within the documents.

Please send comments to:

Kristen Rasmussen, Director of Communication
Green Lake Association
Mail: 492 Hill Street, Suite 205

PO BOX 364

Green Lake, WI 54941

Completed Research Studies

For public review and feedback: 

  • 2021 Lake Management Plan, Big Green Lake (here)

  • 2021 Nine Key Elements Plan, Big Green Lake (here)​

For additional reference:

  • 2013, Lake Management Plan (here)

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