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The Lunch & Learn series is a mixture of quizzes, videos, and informative content created by the familiar faces of local and regional experts who care about our lake! Each Thursday, for 7 weeks, we’re sharing the next lesson about Big Green below.

  • Week #1: Test Your Green Lake Knowledge

  • Week #2: Lake-Friendly Lawn Tips

  • Week #3: Runoff, Phosphorus & the Effect on Water Quality

  • Week #4: How Our Pillar Projects Impact the Lake

  • Week #5: Lake-Friendly Regenerative Agriculture

  • Week #6Aquatic Invasive Species

  • Week #7: Stream Restoration

WEEK #7: Stream Restoration by Derek Kavanaugh

Derek Kavanaugh, from the Green Lake County Land Conservation Department, explains the science of stream restoration. Since eroding streams send phosphorus filled sediment to the lake, repairing them is extremely important for protecting lake health.


Thank you to Derek for this inside look at the stream restoration process.

Week #7
Week #6
Week #5

WEEK #5: Lake-Friendly Regenerative Agriculture

This week Mat Boerson treats us all to a beautiful aerial tour of Boerson Farm. On this tour, Mat, who co-owns Boerson farm and is also a GLA Board Member, will talk about what he’s doing on his land to improve soil health and protect water quality. 

To learn more about Boerson Farm, visit:

WEEK #6: Aquatic Invasive Species by Anna Cisar

Anna Cisar joins us from Golden Sands RC&D to talk about aquatic invasive species in Big Green, along with ways to prevent new invasive species from making Green Lake their home.​

For more information about aquatic invasive species in Green Lake click here.

Week #4
Week #2
Lawn fertilizer announcement.png

WEEK #2: Lake-Friendly Lawn Tips

Do you love the lake, but also want a lush lawn? This week we’re learning lawn care tips that will keep your grass green, while also protecting Big Green.

Thank you to Doug Soldat, who is an Extension specialist with the University of Wisconsin Madison, for making this video with such great, lake-friendly lawn tips! 

WEEK #3: From the Land to the Lake: Runoff, Phosphorus & the Effect on Water Quality

This week you'll hear from our very own Jennifer Fjelsted about how phosphorus and runoff impact Green Lake's water quality, and steps we can all take to help protect the lake at the heart of our community.

Week #3

WEEK #4: How Our Pillar Projects Impact the Lake

This week we're excited to share a lesson from our Executive Director Stephanie Prellwitz. Learn how our Pillar Projects impact Green Lake's water quality and stay tuned for updates about some newly implemented initiatives.

Learn more about our Pillar Projects here.

Week #1

To kick off Week #1, we’re giving you the chance to test your knowledge about Green Lake and its watershed! Take the quiz by clicking the button below.

WEEK #1: Test Your Green Lake Knowledge


There are 8 named streams that flow to Big Green. Can you list them all? Scroll down to the bottom for the answers.

Green Lake Streams

Interested in helping Green Lake from home? Here are 10 things everyone can do to help protect water quality in the lake we all love. 

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